Story – Entry Three

This is a continuation of the science fiction story I started here. Feedback is always appreciated. Constructive criticism even more so.


Amy picked up the folded piece of paper that had been slipped under her door either during the night or early in the morning. The room was poorly lit and Amy couldn’t afford to turn on the lights, so she moved back towards her room’s small window to read the letter. It said:

Citizens, I wanted to make clear some things that I have spoken of in the past, yet seem to be forgotten by the people of this city from time to time. The Tall Ones are our friends. They are here to raise our civilization to their level. We have so much to learn from them, and they are willing to teach us, if only we demonstrate our willingness to learn. What better way can we show that willingness than by providing the Tall Ones with the work that they desire of us? So we must work, all of us together so that we may be blessed with the knowledge that the Tall Ones possess. If we work with the same intensity that we did before, in our misguided mission to keep our benefactors away from Earth, then our work shall surely please them and we will become elevated as a human race.

I know there are those in this city who still hold on to hatred based on the events of just over three years ago. I must reiterate that this event was merely the result of a grave misunderstanding on the part of humanity. It was our fierce resistance to the Tall Ones that led to the deaths of so many of our friends and family. I too experienced great loss on that day, but we can not hold on to hate if we hope to move forward into the greatness of the future.

Lastly, I know that the masks that the Tall Ones wear can be frightening and even disturbing. I am among those who still are unsettled by the sight of their masks. We must remember though that just as human cultures were vastly different in the past, so it is between the Tall Ones and humanity now. The masks are not meant to frighten or disturb us, but rather to remind us of those that were taken from us. Please consider the meaning behind this gesture and not its, admittedly, unsettling execution.

The human race is so young, and the Tall Ones are so ancient and wise. They are to us as parents are to children and just as a parent will teach a child all they know, the Tall Ones will teach us, but only if we are ready to learn. And just as a parent must discipline the child who does not listen, so will the Tall Ones discipline us if we demonstrate a need for discipline.

Our future is in our hands alone.

Your Humble Servant, J.M. Hughes, Liaison.

In the early morning light, Amy finished reading and stood staring at the paper. Still staring, her eyes unfocused, she crumpled the paper into a tiny ball with one hand. She squeezed her hand tight, trying to crush the paper into nothingness.

“Lies,” she whispered.


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