Just Thoughts

Today I coasted home in my used car at about 10 miles per hour. Things had been going okay with the car, but on the final stretch home I had trouble getting it past 40 mph. After I made it over the final hill to my house, I had trouble maintaining 20 mph. I turned on my hazard lights to let the people behind me know that I wasn’t just being slow, but was having car problems. After I made the turn on to my street, I just coasted it in. Didn’t bother pulling into my driveway because I wasn’t sure the car would make it. So I don’t think I’ll be driving that one into work anymore, or anywhere really.

Hell of a Monday. (Aren’t they all?) Spent damn near my whole day in meetings. It was while waiting for a meeting that I realized putting my car in “park”, didn’t actually mean the car was parked. I’m glad I noticed before I got out of the car though. Thank the Ford for emergency brakes. Anyways, just got to survive this week and then two more weeks and then it’s vacation time. Just gotta coast on in (hopefully only metaphorically). Except I can’t just coast it in. Job’s too important for that. No phoning it in on this one.

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I can 1) do some writing, maybe on the story I wrote in the last two posts and 2) do some flying, since I haven’t been in the cockpit in at least six weeks. It’s probably like riding a bike though, right? Right?

Anyway, this has been idle rambling. Hope my ten followers don’t mind too much. I appreciate you!



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